Monday, November 14, 2011

Movie Review - Rockstar

If you are going to watch an Imtiaz Ali movie, you can be sure of two things

  • An unlikely love story which leads to a poor guy (the husband) ending up as the loser
  • Great Music

Oh no, make that three, how could I forget the beautiful Delhi locales.

Ok now time for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good: Ranbir Kapoor, I mean, I never thought I would ever like this guy's acting; who made his debut with Sanwariya and went on to act in Azab Prem ki Gazab Kahani, but he really impresses in this one

The Bad: Sadly, Nargis Fakri, she is wooden in most of the scenes and when she is not, she is overacting.  And yes the length of the movie, some of the segments really seem stretched

The Ugly The Strange : Well the editing, really looks too ambitious, at times

Well Ranbir Kapoor is definitely the STAR in this one, ok make that co-star, with Rehman's  music turning out to be just as awesome.  About Ranbir first, his acting really says a lot about the potential that this guy has, I mean the transition from the innocent, vulnerable, insecure, wannabe Jakhad to the rebellious, impetuous, reticent Jordan speaks volume about the guy's talent; especially the sequence where his conversation with his manager by the roadside really brings out that bit nicely.    Only if Nargis Fakri, could have been a quarter as good as him it would have lent  a different depth to the character suffering from a terminal disease and Ranbir wouldn’t have been left shouldering the movie  alone. 

And what to say about the MUSIC.  A.R. Rehman comes out and shows the world what he is made of.  To be honest, the music sounded good initially but nothing too great and then it grew on me and after watching the movie, you just start appreciating it on a new level.  Aside from the usual, 'Sadda Haq' and 'Nadan Parindey' which are brilliant in themselves, do listen to 'Kun Faaya Kun', awesome song this one!

The storyline and direction of this movie are definitely like a breath of fresh air, especially in the way a love story has been treated.  However, I do have my grouse with the length of the movie and the unnecessarily longish bits.  Something that is interesting/strange about the movie is the editing.  It is, too radical and may leave the ordinary movie goer scratching his head at times, and sometimes seems to lend the movie a different depth. 

All said and done,
All in all, do watch the movie, irrespective of the reviews and feedbacks that you may get from others, because I believe this movie holds so much at different levels and you never know what may click with you.


Harshit Gupta said...

Others. That's the part I liked. What u said about the editing is very true.

Though, I have no idea why ur observation about Ranbir is changing. My guess is either u r giving Bhansali's discredit to Ranbir, or u haven't seen Rocket Singh. or maybe both.

as for the review, I hope ur opinion matches that of the common man's. m not the so common one I guess. :D

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